OPIUMDENPLUTO offers the following services from award-winning designer Puppy38:

Audio production, engineering and mastering for all audio formats, including vinyl, CD, cassette and surround sound DVD-audio.

Video production, editing and distribution to various formats, including broadcast, DVD and digital (YouTube, Vimeo, et al), for commercial and private projects.

Graphic design for all commercial needs (specialising in sleeve design for vinyl, cd, dvd), including promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc.) as well as product packaging conception, design and execution. layout and design for Books, magazines, and brochures, and logo and business card designs.

Rates are determined on a per-project basis, or hourly rate, depending on size and scope of the project.

A portfolio of works by puppy38 can be found at:

Please send Puppy38 the details of your project via the Opiumdenpluto CONNECT page.